Day 63 | Hello May

Day 1 of May, day 63 of 90. Today was . . . exhausting. But lucky for me, I have this weekend off. And I’ll be utilizing that time to regroup mentally and decide what other changes I want or need to make for my final month. I’ll be touching back again tomorrow. Have a fun Friday. ❤️

~xoxo, Katie

Day 62 | What The . . . ?!

I feel like the title sums up everyone’s feeling at the moment. 2020 is turning into a crazy year isn’t it. It’s been a hot 🔥 second since my last entry . . . yeah I guess you could say life is strange right now for everybody.

Today is May 1, which means there are technically 28 days left for this challenge – but I’m going to consider it done at the end of this month. I’m weird like that. Maybe I should change it to my 3 Month Journey. 🤷🏻‍♀️ oh well.

That being said, while I was pretty much MIA for all of last month, I DID stick to my 90 Day plan as much as possible (given our current circumstances). A few things to touch on (though my full update will come this coming Sunday with up to date body measurements for the last month) . . .


  • try to keep getting quality sleep
  • workout (almost) daily – hit a couple of snafus there
  • my best to eat generally well
  • try to keep drinking water

Surprisingly, I’ve actually been able to get better sleep now than before all of this pandemic stuff hit the fan. The first week or so wasn’t good for me for sleep, but I can’t imagine it was for anyone. But now, I’ve been sleeping fairly well. I mostly think that’s due to Zach being home from work, so I never end up waiting up for him before eating or getting to sleep. Generally he would always get home around 11:30 or later since the restaurant he worked at closed late (and is downtown). So I’d typically always wait up for him so we could eat together and spend some time together before heading to bed – which usually would end up being around 2 or 3 AM. So for the most part I’ve been able to construct a semi-structured sleep schedule.

I struggled some in the workout department . . . where I missed maybe only one or two days in March, I’ve missed several days in April. I may or may not have mentioned it, but around the end of March I twisted my ankle walking the dogs. I rested it, and was slowly able to start working out on it again as of last Monday – until I twisted it AGAIN last Tuesday. So having a physical injury plus being *slightly* stressed and maybe encountering a tiny bit of pandemic depression – I’ve missed several days the last 2 weeks. There were also some days that I tried to push myself to workout, maybe got through one or two videos and just called it quits because I couldn’t get into it.

The biggest takeaway for me there was basically, not beating myself up for listening to my body. So instead of forcing myself through a workout I wasn’t feeling or enjoying, I opted for some yoga/stretching.

Now on to food . . . I’m not going to lie, I legit let the emotional eating (and cooking/baking) take over for a couple of weeks. We made homemade pizza dough and sauce that then became mini-calzones (10/10 would recommend)

But I also made a birthday cake for Harli – from scratch! (The buttercream frosting too!) This lasted us several nights, and I’m actually very proud as it’s the first time I’ve managed to make a cake and frosting from scratch that didn’t taste like 💩.

Lastly, water. I haven’t really been doing that well, tbh. I feel like the biggest contributor has been the fact that we are required to wear face masks at work. I am considered an essential worker, so I have still been going to work. However, we’ve pretty much been utilizing face masks since day 1. I never thought about it, but with as busy (and short staffed) as it has been, it really feels like taking 2 seconds to pull the mask down to chug some water just isn’t feasible. Though hopefully that gets fixed, as we are hoping to return slowly to normal shifts, which will hopefully mean no more being short staffed. We shall see.

Now let’s chat about this month!

The biggest change I’m planning on making is my diet – I’ve been doing poorly to sticking with a better diet and I want to do what I can to eat better.

Generally I will eat 1, maybe 2 meals a day. I hardly ever eat breakfast, so I’ll usually do a protein or keto type shake to get me through the first part of my day. Then I might have a snack at work, then eat a decent sized dinner and sometimes a snack before bed.

My goal for food and better eating this month includes

  • Having more regular meals (even if it includes intermittent fasting – which usually works for me)
  • Getting more greens / veggies in
  • More protein, fewer carbs

I’ve decided I’m going to probably go pretty old-school weight loss for dinners and stick with chicken, veggies, and a small portion of some other starch (most likely rice). To help keep things interesting though I’ll be sure to season my chicken with a variety of flavors so I don’t get bored with my food – which has always been a problem with healthy eating for me in the past.

And while I am going to be eating more veggies (and trying to eat more salads), I will be planning on incorporating a greens blend by Teami (Teami Greens). I know eating actual fruits and veggies is the best way to get your fiber and minerals and vitamins, but dammit I don’t enjoy veggies and if I can chug them then I will. That being said, the greens blend in using also has matcha tea in it, and it’s predominant flavor is matcha – so I’m attempting to board the matcha tea train if you will. I’m hoping this will also help me cut back on my coffee consumption and addiction. We’ll see.

For now though, I think that will be all. I’m hoping to get back into the daily updates. I will for sure be touching on more of my plans for the final month of this journey with you guys on Sunday, so stay tuned!

~xoxo, Katie

Day 22 | End of Week 3 + Life Update

Hello loves, how is everyone doing out there in the world? Are you staying at home/working at home when you’re able? Having to go to work? Are you in a place with forced quarantine? Wherever you are, and whatever you’re going through or dealing with right now, I hope that you are doing what you can to stay safe, stay active, and stay healthy. If you’re in need of a chat, I’m always here.

In other news – an update for this week, and just in general. With everything going on, it’s been difficult to stay motivated to write & workout. Eating well has been a task as well – but I’m also known to emotional eat. With restaurants & small businesses shutting down, the strain is starting to show. With luck, the animal hospital that I work at will be able to stay open to provide a means to bring in money.

So with that all being said, in general things have slowed down as far as progress goes. Again, considering everything else in life is slowing down or in some cases coming to a halt, this can be expected. Oh! And to top it all off, I sprained my ankle yesterday. Which will absolutely mean a slow down (and because I’m stubborn, lots of modifications) in workouts.

But it will all get better in time.

In the coming week I absolutely want to make more of an effort to write more again, and I’d like to touch on subjects that you all would like to read about.

Now let’s finish up and get on with our weekly measurements shall we?

Week 3 Measurements
  • Weight: 174 lb (-2 lbs)
  • Chest: 37” (-1”)
  • Right Arm: 13.75” (+0.5”)
  • Left Arm: 13.5” (+/- 0)
  • Right Thigh: 25.25” (-0.25”)
  • Left Thigh: 25.5” (+/- 0)
  • Waist: 31.75” (-0.5)
  • Muffin Top: 37” (+/- 0)
  • Hips: 42.5” (+/- 0)

For a total loss of 2.25” this week and a total of 8.8” lost in 3 weeks!

I’ll see you all here again tomorrow – take care.

~xoxo, Katie~

Day 9 | Is This Repetitive Yet?

Another day, another update. I’m not gonna lie – today was ROUGH. This time change sucksssss! I don’t know about you but I got the worst sleep last night . . . which means I accidentally slept in longer than intended, so I had to skip the morning workout. Which means I had one of two options left – skip the workout for the day or force out a workout after a day at work and being tired.

I am happy to announce that I took option 2! And I kind of hated every second of it. But I AM glad that I did it. And also glad that I have a reliable pre-workout that I can utilize, because otherwise I don’t think I would’ve made it through.

I’ve been using either Bang or Reign drinks – and I’m really pleased with them overall. The give me energy fairly quickly, keep my energy up to get through my workout, and I don’t end up crashing at the end of it.

~xoxo, Katie~

Day 8 | Week One Update

It’s the end of week 1 in my 90 day journey. And honestly, I’ve never felt so good. Ok time for a recap.

Let’s start with just a basic overview . . . I would have to say that this week has definitely been one of the most challenging weeks that I could have started this. Not because working out is hard (it is) or because eating well is more difficult than thought of (it is – ish) but because of my job.

Some may already know that I work in the veterinary field. And just like anything in any sort of medical field, the job is definitely trying. Physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting and especially so for an introvert like myself. This leads to not wanting to cook, wanting to sleep in, not drinking enough water during work, and the urge to stress-eat. All of these things are absolutely NOT ok if you’re trying to workout, eat well, and build up a generally healthier life. In other words, it makes this 90 day journey a beast to tackle in some moments. But that’s why this journey is so important for me.

Stress definitely has made keeping motivation up REALLY hard – and on Thursday I almost let it win. I skipped my workout on Thursday, which as I mentioned that day, usually leads to the ultimate giving up and breaking of the streak. I made the choice to break the cycle and I made sure I got up Friday morning and I. Worked. Out. AND I made myself workout Saturday after work AND today! I am so proud of myself just for making it this far, and that itself is more than enough fuel to keep me going.

I think I realized and saw the biggest difference in my overall state of mind this week. Because even though I had a rough time at work, I was still feeling pretty good. It wasn’t until Thursday – the one day that I skipped out – that I felt absolutely miserable. Was work more stressful that day? Maybe. But I am also 99.9% positive that, had I worked out even a little bit, I would have been in a better mood. I even mentioned to Zach after my Friday routine that I felt the endorphins starting to kick in during and after my workouts! I was starting to enjoy the workouts, and even SMILING. Crazy huh?

So let’s get down to the finer details. Let’s break it down . . .

What Did I Do?
  • Follow along w/ Blogilates’ March workout calendar daily, then following up with a stretching yoga routine from SarahBethYoga (both on YouTube) for a cool down.
  • Drank either a Bang or Reign preworkout/energy drink prior to and kind of during my workouts (definitely kept me from feeling burned out mid way and absolutely gave me what I needed to get up and workout first thing in the morning!)
  • Got generally around 8ish hours of sleep every night
  • Drank almost or an entire gallon of water DAILY!
  • Watched calories, but was not super restrictive. I didn’t want my first week to be too rough, but I for sure made the choice to stay away from more sweets, and made more of an effort to eat more veggies.
  • Cut back on coffee. This was an unexpected side effect of drinking an energy drink in the morning for preworkout. Turns out, I feel better and more awake with an energy drink & that workout high!

Like I mentioned, I didn’t want to make my first week too rough or restrictive. I figured that I’d start with making myself workout daily, then slowly integrate more strict rules/methods. Turns out I also didn’t have to try very hard to keep my calories in check either, as I’ve been trying to get more protein into my diet. So I frequently had a protein shake or protein bar which helped keep me full – and the bars served as a great snack between meals to keep me from reaching from the candy at work. This week I definitely plan on trying to reach for healthy snack and more veggies.

Now time for some numbers . . . I know I said that I only intended on taking my measurements once a month, and weigh myself daily, but I got curious (because to be honest my scrub pants started fitting looser already!) so I figured why not?

Week 1 Measurements
  • Weight: 177.2 lb ( -3.2 lb)
  • Chest: 38 “ (+/- 0)
  • Right Arm: 13.5 (+/- 0)
  • Left Arm: 13.5 (+/- 0)
  • Right Thigh: 25.5” (-0.9”)
  • Left Thigh: 25.75” (-0.5”)
  • Waist: 32.5” (-1”)
  • Muffin Top: 38” (-1”)
  • Hips: 42” (-1.4”)

That’s a total of 4.85” lost all over!

So there we are guys. Week 1 down! I’m feeling really damn great right now. I can’t wait to see what week 2 has in store.

~xoxo, Katie~